Hi All I have the lusso pro 8 panel shorts in medium and I feel its a bit loose on the crotch area.. Now Im looking to purchase lusso carbon bibs from merlincycles in size small, but I am not sure how the bibs would fit.. [url= ... Read More »

Catena Lusso

I posted this up in the retro forum, if anyone can help me with the age of this bike that would be great. I picked this up at a garage sale, 54.5 ST/55.5 TT Columbus Matrix tubing, full shimano 600 6spd index shifting.Read More »

Pinarello Catena Lusso

I picked this bike up last weekend at a garage sale, can anyone shed some light on it's age? It has a full shimano 600 6 spd SIS index shifting group. The frame measures 54.5 ST and 55.5 TT, the frame has a columbus matrix sticker on the seat tube. KellyRead More »

Giro Lusso LX Gloves, Small and XXL - $16

Sorry, I already bought (and received today) the Medium pair they had. Comfy, and matches my white-and-black Walz cap. EDIT: Totally forgot the link: [url][/url]Read More »

Giro Lusso Gloves-Any Experience?

Does anyone have any experience with Giro Lusso Gloves? I was thinking about getting a pair but the only review I managed to find on another site indicated that they might have some durability problems. That said, I'm really light on equipment and was wondering if the problems may have come about ... Read More »


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