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Featured User Review: Lynskey R230 Road Bike

Featured User Review: Lynskey R230 Road Bike by SpacerX Price: $1750.00 at Lynskey Performance Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 5 of 5 Bike Setup: I built the Foe Hammer in February 2010 with SRAM Red, IRD B2 Bars, Fizik Antares saddle (most comfortable lightweight saddle EVER), USE Alien po ...    Read More »

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Setting the record straight - Macalu Ti

OK - So Macalu was a house brand Ti bike from Excel Sports in Colorado. They offered a couple of frames that were reportedly made by Litespeed/Merlin at the end of the model build year. Not sure of the dates of production but it was around 2003, I think there were 2 or 3 years where it sold from E ... Read More »


So whats up with these frames I see at Excel? Rebadged Lightspeeds that are NOS, welded on Friday's at 4pm, cosmetic blemishes..... I am suprised to see such a price for a Ti frame. Are they inferior to Lightspeeds in quaility. I've heard that there were QA issues when they merged with Merlin bu ... Read More »


Anyone have any experience with Excel's Macalu Professional or Cirrus frames? They're made by Litespeed?Read More »

Merlin vs Litespeed..and Macalu?

I've trying to decide on a new Ti bike, compact frame. I'll be riding weekly crits, some time trials and doing lots of climbing. Does anyone have any opinions on the differences, pluses or minuses between the Merlin Agilis and the Litespeed Siena? What about Macalu - is the cheaper price a red fl ... Read More »

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