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Trip Report: Redwood Shores, CA to Bodega Bay Out-n-back on a Cross Bike

RoadBikeReview member ratpick had an epic 232 mile weekend ride through the gorgeous Mt. Tamalpais, Point Reyes, Bolinas and Bodega Bay trails in Northern California. Read on to follow his adventure. One of my wife's hobbies is "cropping" aka "scrapbooking". I enjoy the supply side of this ( ...    Read More »

2011 Devil Mountain Double Ride Report

2011 Devil Mountain Double Ride Report - by ratpick The 16th Annual Devil Mountain Double Century took place on April 30th, 2011. Forum contributor ratpick rode it for the first time and wrote up a beautiful ride report we thought we'd share with everyone. Especially those of you who are thinking ...    Read More »

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Bought Magicshine Lights - MJ-808-E/MJ-818

After a lot of research on what seemed like an endless number of lights available on the market, I recently decided on a set of Magicshine lights. They seemed to be the best "bang for the buck" that I could find. Went with the Magicshine MJ-808-E headlight (rated 1000 lumens) and the MJ-818 tail ... Read More »

Which Magicshine should I buy? Or ?

I've been thinking about buying a light for awhile now and since the days are getting shorter, I think the time has come to purchase one. I like the brightness and price of the Magicshine, but which one? I've also seen some new models of Niterider, a cordless 600. My price range is $125. Is ther ... Read More »


Hi. Has anyone bought the Magicshine with the new battery from geomangear.com? Do you think there's any reason to reconsider and look at other brands? Thanks.Read More »

Magicshine MJ-836

I'm seeing alot of these on Ebay selling for around $50. Is anyone using a Magicshine MJ-836 - 900 lumen led light?Read More »

Lights - Cygolite, Magicshine

I'm shopping for a light, I don't plan on riding alot at night, probably during the dusk and dawn time of day. I would like something bright enough to light up the road. I was looking at the Magicshine lights, but understand there are problems with them. So, then I've been thinking about Cygolite ... Read More »

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