Anyone use magura rim brakes on their tandem?

As above Just got a 2/h KHS and have some Magura HS33's lying around. Better or worse than the original XT V--brakes on the bike at the moment? ta AndyRead More »

Magura and DEDA parts?

Hi guys, I'm converting my cross bike into an urban commute of death bike for the Spring and Summer. I brought my parts list to my builder and he is suggesting some alternatives...i.e. aluminum DEDA bars, stem and post.... also Magura disk rotors for Shimano Rd disk brakes. I am not too familiar ... Read More »

Magura HS66 and HS11 dual lever setup

I just got a pair of HS66 hydraulic brake levers and plan on running the calipers from the HS11 set. I would like to know whether it would be possible to run the HS11 levers together with the HS66. As you may have guessed they are going to be used on a Cyclocross bike. Thanks!Read More »

Magura Hydrolic road brakes

Does anyone know anything or have any experience with these rare stoppers? Basically I was wondering if the levers would be compatable with any disc calipers or there cross platform compatibility. This might be more of a mountain bike question, but I thought I'd give it a shot here. If anyone knows ... Read More »

The unforgettable Magura "Marta" girl from Interbike 03

The best Interbike girl to date! Just my opinion of course ;)Read More »


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