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commute route from Ridgewood/paramus area to Midtown manhattan

Hello, i was planning to commute from ridgewood/paramus area to midtown, and back. Any suggestions on the route, or some other tips? Thanks!Read More »

good bike shop in NYC? Manhattan

Hello all, i will be in Manhattan for a day, this week, i am looking for some high end shop for road bike.. any input? name and rough address would be great. thank you.Read More »

Manhattan Lawyer Sued For Allegedly Assaulting Cyclist In Central Park

and the territorial battle over central park rages on... not too much info here aside from the interactive anecdotes. Though it sounds like a case of a random person feeling like yanking a cyclists off her bike, I assure you it's part of the raging battle of cyclists and pedestrians/residents. ... Read More »

Cycling from Manhattan to Albany area - Routes

Hi, Next week I am cycling from Manhattan to Rotterdam (NY), roughly 160-170 miles, in one day....and just wanted to pick your brains regarding routes. Last fall I cycled from Manhattan to Mechanicville (NY), roughly 185 miles, but broke it up into a two day trip. I took 9W through NJ up to Be ... Read More »


Manhattan Product Categories

Cruiser Bike

Aero 0
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$ 250.00
Aero Womens 0
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$ 250.00
Smoothie 5
2   Reviews
$ 409.00
Smoothie Womens 0
0   Reviews
$ 409.00

Kids Bike

Lil' Daisy 0
0   Reviews
$ 180.00




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