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Road rides / group rides in Marin area

I'm soon to move to Mill Valley California. I primarily ride road. I like the Super fast, Super hard rides Anyone have recommendations for weekend group rides - like time and location and possible distance and effort would be great. I've ridden on the peninsula many times with the Spectrum / noon ... Read More »

Solvang, Marin vs Crater Lake ride scenic beauty and enjoyment.

Has anyone had the opportunity to ride either the Solvang or Marin centuries and be able to make a comparison to the Crater Lake ride as far as beauty and ride enjoyment. Ive heard good things about Crater Lake and was just wondering. I have a freind that routinely says that the PNW totally out clas ... Read More »

Marin Headlands Crash, Sunday June 2nd

Any details on what happened yesterday? We were there when they closed Conzelman for a motorcycle crash. They sent in a lot of EMTs. When I rode by, the bike was still there. It didn't look too bad. Not being morbid, but some times it pays to learn from other's mistakes. EDIT... I stopp ... Read More »

Novara or Marin - Need Input for New Road/Cyclocross Bike

I am looking to make my first bike purchase out of my MTB scene and into the road/cyclocross segment. I will be commuting with it as a primary transportation method for 6-8 weeks. After that I will be riding it road and paved trails mostly with the occasional groomed trail cross. Because of this, I ... Read More »

Got info? Marin Redwoods from the 1990's

Hi guys! I've been having a lot of trouble finding info on a bike I picked up. It's a early/mid 90's Marin Redwoods. Is this a cross bike or just an old cruiser? Does anyone have any knowledge on these bikes since lord knows I can't find any real info! I'd like to turn it into a single speed cross b ... Read More »





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