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Secteur maximum tire size? (28mm)

Will 28mm tire or 25mm tire with 23mm wide rims? Some tires are wider than tall, some taller than wide, I'm asking including height to front/ rear.Read More »

Maximum HR & VO2 max

Hello, I'm a 45 year old road cyclist and I've been riding on and off for 25 years. I'm getting more serious with my road riding, meaning I'd like to see what my potential is on the road by doing more specific training to increase speed and power. I've mostly done centuries in the past and plodde ... Read More »

What is the maximum speed for 34T-11T and 36T-11T ?

What is the maximum speed for 34T-11T and 36T-11T ? Thanks.....Read More »

Alternative Maximum Tax

Here is a piece by John Cohrane from Chicago GSB: "They keep coming back, like the villains of a good zombie movie, chanting "more taxes, more taxes." Long ago, Congress passed the alternative minimum tax, or AMT—a simple flat rate to ensure that in an insanely complex tax code, no one escapes pa ... Read More »

Maximum heart rate

I take a spin class every Tuesday and our training is heart rate based. I'm 45 years old and, based upon the 220-age standard, my maximum HR should be in the 175 range. Now I know this is just a guideline but I assumed I would be somewhere in that ballpark. However, my HR touches 200 during very h ... Read More »

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