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Missing domed washer for Deda seat post

I've got a Deda Elementi SUPERZERO seat post and one of the 6 mm screws fell out on a ride which got lost. Initial attempts to get a replacement screw and washer proving difficult. It's the special domed stainless steel washer nominal 10 mm OD that's the problem. Anyone know where to get such spares ... Read More »

Merlin Cycles - Great prices but am I missing something?

I have been shopping around for a shimano groupo and and some shimano wheels and they seem to have the best prices by far. I have read a couple threads about being charged a duty but it seems its hit or miss and a low percentage of folks in the US seem to end up getting charged. Add free shipping an ... Read More »

Powertap power output seems to be missing digits

Third ride with my Powertap G3 this past weekend, and things didn't work correctly from the beginning (no issues at all on previous 2 rides). The power numbers being displayed on my Garmin Edge 500 seemed to be missing the 2nd and 3rd digits. I was hoping that the last two digits were being recorded ... Read More »

Missing products/categories from review area

Does anyone else notice less upkeep in the reviews area? For example a lot of products don't seem to exist - I know it's a lot of work but when I write a review for a new tubeless road tire (which I spent some time doing) and then put it in the non-tubeless product section (tubeless product doesn't ... Read More »

Missing thread about Catherine Engelbrecht and IRS harrasment?

What happend to the thread about Catherine Engelbrecht and the harrasment of her husband small business following her attempts to create a 501c4 charity? This one [url=http://www.nationalreview.com/article/348756/true-scandal-jillian-kay-melchior]True Scandal | National Review Online[/url]Read More »





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