How We Spent Our Summer Vacation....Japanese collegiate riders race in the American peloton

Japanese university students Toyohiro Oka (Trek-Marco Polo Cycling) and Yuya Sasaki (Team Nippon-Colnago), from Kyoto Sangyo University, decided to take a few weeks off, rent a car and race in California. In preparation for their big collegiate national road race, they thought that racing in the Sta ...    Read More »

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List price of a Miyata "five twelve" in mint condition!?

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=verdana]Hi guys! [/FONT][/COLOR] I just throwing this one out there; Do any of you know some sort of list price of my Miyata "five twelve" (mint condition)? It's from 1985 (i think) and it's wrapped up in bubble plastic right now, just waiting to have somebody use it! :) Plea ... Read More »

koga miyata vs colnago decor

which one is more rare? koga miyata shimano 600 tricolor groupset colnago decor with campagnolo classic victory groupsetsRead More »

WTT: My 1993 Miyata Team frame for any old CX frame

I apologize if I need to place an ad in the Classifieds for this, I figured since money wasn't changing hands it wouldn't be necessary but correct me if I'm wrong. I have a 1993 Miyata Team road frame that currently gets used as a winter road bike. Its sad to abuse a nice frame like this, plus it ... Read More »

Miyata 1000LT for sale

I have one of the best touring bikes ever made for sale. Check it out: [url=]Miyata 1000LT - RoadBikeREVIEW.Com[/url]Read More »

Miyata 1000LT--sell or not?

Let me ask the folks on the only thread that probably knows/appreciates the quality of the bike I'm talking about... I have a 1987/88 Miyata 1000 [U]LT[/U]. It's in great condition and as you may know most likely the best touring frame of it's "generation." But this generation likes it's glued ... Read More »

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Miyata Product Categories

Older Hybrid Bike

2001 CivicRoss 0
0   Reviews
$ 325.00
2001 SportcRoss 0
0   Reviews
$ 415.00
2001cRoss 0
0   Reviews
$ 495.00

Older Racing Bike

2001 916 0
0   Reviews
$ 1070.00
2001 Pavea 55 0
0   Reviews
$ 605.00
2001 Pavea 77 0
0   Reviews
$ 805.00
2001 Team Carbon 3
1   Reviews
$ 1465.00
2001 Team Miyata 0
0   Reviews
$ 1700.00

Older Road Bike

2001 512 0
0   Reviews
$ 415.00
2001 721 3
0   Reviews
$ 700.00

Older Tandem Bike

2001 DuplicRoss 0
0   Reviews
$ 1480.00

Older Touring Bike

2001 1000LT 0
0   Reviews
$ 990.00



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