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MTB trails on a CX bike

I was thinking about this the other day, as I encountered a pretty big rock dropoff (and hit it successfully), shortly after drifting around a sandy corner after a downhill section. Normally, I'd just go balls-out on my MTB on these trails, but a rigid bike with narrow tires definitely adds a bit o ... Read More »

Big Bend NP - potential MTB trails

Public comment requested - this would be a first-ever MTB trail in a National Park. (pasted from IMBA email): [url]http://parkplanning.nps.gov/commentForm.cfm?documentID=39460[/url] Support a Shared-Use Trail in Texas' Big Bend National Park The National Park Service (NPS) recently announc ... Read More »

Non-racing singlecross gearing to be used on MTB trails...

[I]*I asked this in the SS forum, but you guys probably have a better idea.[/I] I specify non-racing because I know cyclocross racing is a completely different story than my shmo'ing around on trails. Locally, long'ish fire road climbs; technical rock trails that I will probably dismount for. ... Read More »

Road bikes around the Tsali MTB trails

I am going to be in the Tsali area this weekend, but want to do some road riding. Can anyone recommend a good 40-60 mile loop in the area? Thanks, BobRead More »

Need MTB trails near Buffalo River, AR

Sorry about the non-road post, but RBR is "home" for me and I can't seem to get MtBR to work right now anyway. I need some last minute trail finding help. A group of us will be staying near the upper Buffalo River (between Ponca and Osage) this weekend. We'd like to do a day of mtn biking. T ... Read More »





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