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Native American backlash over OBL's Geronimo code name

[URL="http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Latest-News-Wires/2011/0504/Geronimo-should-not-be-linked-to-Osama-say-American-Indians"]Here's a typical report.[/URL] When I first heard the news of Bin Laden's death, and heard they'd used Geronimo E-KIA, despite my jubilation and relief, I thought "yeah, tha ... Read More »

Native American/First Nation music recommendations

Really impressed with the Olympics opening and wondering if anyone had any good recommendations. Probably prefer something traditional. Thanks in advance.Read More »

Native American Cyclists

Hello everyone, I am seeking some help from you all.... I am trying to research whether there has ever been a pro Native American Cyclist. Could be at any level: domestic, continental, international pro........whatever.....I have never heard of one and am trying to find some info ....thanksRead More »

How best to help 'native' people?

I thought I would start another thread about this interesting topic, especially given that the other thread is getting very long and is surely likely to be locked soon. So we have see over the last few decades, movements to offer 'native' people (in countries such as Australia and America) specia ... Read More »

Bay Area Native Pro Cyclist Interviewed by RoadBikeReview!

Full Article here... [URL="http://reviews.roadbikereview.com/blog/ben-jacques-maynes-starting-off-the-new-year-with-last-years-fire-in-him/"]click me[/URL]! [IMG]http://gallery.roadbikereview.com/data/roadbike/603/bjm3.jpg[/IMG] [QUOTE]Ben Jacques-Maynes of the Bissell Pro Cycling team, took t ... Read More »





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