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Winstanleys Bikes: Stans No Tubes ZTR Alpha 340 Rim 32H $58.28 delivered

Winstanleys Bikes have the Stans No Tubes ZTR Alpha 340 2012 Rim Black 700c 32 Hole version (only) for US$58.28 with free shipping: [url=http://www.winstanleysbikes.co.uk/product/53516/Stans_No_Tubes_ZTR_Alpha_340_2012_Rim]Stans No Tubes ZTR Alpha 340 2012 Rim : Bikes | Mountain Bikes | Road Bike ... Read More »

Just Got My No Tubes Road Kit And.......

I mounted the front tire w/o much trouble. It was tough to get the tire over the rim, but I expected that. I have a question for those who've done this conversion: Did you use 2oz of sealant? That seems like a lot for a road tire. I only use @ 4oz on my 29" mountain bike tires! Help a b ... Read More »

Stan's No-Tubes Question

I've never run them but I am very intrigued. I've searched and I haven't seen anyone ask this question or see it answered. What happens when you do flat with Stan's No-Tubes?Read More »

Anyone tried the Stans no tubes method?

I live in the desert and am sick of the flats! As all of you probably are. I watched the stans no tubes video and think it looks cool. Anyone tired it? Good or bad experiences let me know. Did you use the hutchinson tires they recommend? I just got 2500 miles out of my tufo tubular clinchers and lov ... Read More »

Stan's No Tubes?

Thinking of upgrading to Stan's. Right now, I have good ol' tubes and a pair of Bulldogs. Anyone have luck with Stan's? Reasons to stay away? I'm incompetent with my hands, so if Stan's gets tricky, I'd stay away. But I'd definitely have a shop hook it up. Thanks for ANY info...Read More »


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