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Featured User Review: Lynskey R230 Road Bike

Featured User Review: Lynskey R230 Road Bike by SpacerX Price: $1750.00 at Lynskey Performance Overall Rating: 5 of 5 Value Rating: 5 of 5 Bike Setup: I built the Foe Hammer in February 2010 with SRAM Red, IRD B2 Bars, Fizik Antares saddle (most comfortable lightweight saddle EVER), USE Alien po ...    Read More »

Cervelo Diet - Ultimate Mods for the Ultimate Bike - Part 5 - One year later, 13 pounds 13 ounces

Almost exactly one year later, the Cervelo is now a whopping 587 grams (1lb 1.6 ounces) lighter...and about $3700 heavier on the wallet. Each gram of weight savings cost $6.30. Is it worth that additional money? Of course, that is subjective. It is less than buying a brand new bike and offers the sa ...    Read More »

eecycle Works eebrake Pro Review

eecycle Works eebrake Pro Review - By Twain Mein Cost: $519 MSRP (without brake pads) Unique industrial design Exclusiveness; different Excellent performance Made in the USA Light weight: 162 grams (pair) without pads; 182 grams with Dura Ace pads Very easy to change out brake pads ( ...    Read More »

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Anyone tried Nokon cable housing for Roubaix/Tarmac with internal cable routing?

Building a 2012 Roubaix, just wondering if any one has used the Nokon cable housing. I have plenty of regular housing laying around, just thinking about giving the Nokon a try. ThanksRead More »

nokon slimline

Does anyone know where i can get nokon slimline cable tried uk and usa. Seems to be difficult to get? :confused::confused:Read More »

Best deal on Nokon Housing and Cables

I managed to snag a brand new Nokon shifter Cable and Housing for $35 on Ebay, and was wondering where is the best deal for Nokon. now I need the Brake housing.Read More »

upgrading cables system - gore/nokon/yokozuna/other?

title pretty much sums this one! new frame gets new sexy bits, and im looking to improve the already excellent force group i have and upgrading my basic jagwire system looks a (relatively) cheap way of doing so, so your experiences would be welcomed... im north of england based so wet and windy ... Read More »

Nokon cables and Campy wires

Alright, I know that Campy deraileur wires will not work with Nokon cables. Ended up having to go with some Jagwire Hyper wires. Question is, will Campy brake wires work with Nokon cables or do I need to use some other wire instead? If I have to use some other inner wire instead, what will work wi ... Read More »

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