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Fallbrook Technologies Inc. To Showcase Expanded Offering of US Bike Models Pairing NuVinci® with Gates Carbon Drive™ CenterTrack™ System At Interbike Expo

At this year's Interbike, 2013 model year bicycles equipped with the NuVinci N360 drivetrain and Gates Carbon Drive™ CenterTrack™ system   Read More »

Fallbrook Technologies Announces Asian Expansion to Meet Increasing Demand for Bicycle Models Equipped with NuVinci® Technology

Fallbrook Technologies Inc., (“Fallbrook”) developer and manufacturer of the award winning NuVinci continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology, has announced an Asian expansion to meet increased demand for bicycles equipped with the company’s NuVinci N360™ CVP transmission and NuVinci Harmony™ ...    Read More »

Nuvinci N360 Internal Hub

Avelino Rivera from Nuvinci shows us the latest internal hub, the N360. The latest model sheds a significant amount of weight while streamlining the internals, removing 180 parts from the previous model. Nuvinci N360 Jamis commuter 4 bike integrates the N360 Smooth shifting from Nuvinci ...    Read More »

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Novara Divano or Novara Strada

Hey guys I am new to biking in general and I thought my First bike should be a road bike. I have looked around for some entry level road bikes like the Cannondale CAAD8, Trek 1.1, Giant Defy series etc. But I have only had the chance to test out the two Novara Bikes. The Novara Divano and the Novara ... Read More »

Older Madone 5.2 vs. newer aluminum Novara vs...?

Howdy folks, I'm getting back into riding after quite a few years away (xc raced as a teen but sorta got away from it when I got a car - funny how that happens). Started riding daily 20-40 miles this spring, and can't believe I haven't been riding all this time. I don't have any inclination to r ... Read More »

Novara or Marin - Need Input for New Road/Cyclocross Bike

I am looking to make my first bike purchase out of my MTB scene and into the road/cyclocross segment. I will be commuting with it as a primary transportation method for 6-8 weeks. After that I will be riding it road and paved trails mostly with the occasional groomed trail cross. Because of this, I ... Read More »

Novara Trenta

I bought one of these last weekend, and since there's virtually nothing about them online I thought I'd post my impressions so far. [url=http://www.rei.com/product/837484/novara-trenta-bike-2013]Novara Trenta Bike - 2013 at REI.com[/url] I was able to use the REI members 20% off coupon, which ... Read More »

90s REI Novara- worth $250?

I am looking for a good commuter bike to ride to school & for general errands because I want to get rid of this ugly rack on my nice, new Giant road bike and I also do not want to risk such a nice bike getting stolen, too. Found this old REI Novara bike on Craigslist going for $250, here is the p ... Read More »

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Novara Product Categories

Hybrid Bike

Big Buzz 0
0   Reviews
$ 799.00

Road Bike

Divano 0
0   Reviews
$ 849.00
Verita 4
1   Reviews
$ 1299.00
Zeno 0
0   Reviews
$ 649.00

Touring Bike

Randonee 4.43
7   Reviews
$ 950.00




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