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Is Nuun better than a sports drink?

Just wondering if it is better and if so, what makes it better than say Gatorade, Powerade, or any of the electrolyte enhanced drinks. I know it doesn't have sugar like the others but is that it? Does the effervescence make it absorb more quickly or is that just included because it’s fun to burp ... Read More »

Nuun Kona Cola or Lemon Tea?

Anyone ever tried these flavors? Like the added caffeine and but wonder about taste. ThxsRead More »

Nuun Hyrdration Tab

I've been reading these forums for about a month now, so I decided to register! And here I am. My local grocery store started carrying Nuun not too long ago. I tried it out and it tasted pretty good, but I have never used it when cycling or any other acitivity. I was wondering, does anyone use ... Read More »

Nuun Tablets

My team is sponsered by Nuun but prior to that I never heard of this company. I've started using their tablets instead of Gatorade and I must say, I'm impressed... So far, I've not cramped but much of that could be attributed to my fitness as I'm in better shape than when I was last year. I wa ... Read More »

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Active Hydration 0
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$ 45.00
Electrolyte Replacement 0
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$ 0.00
Mixed Fruit 0
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$ 23.95
U Natural Hydration 5
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$ 61.95




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