A Strange Odyssey Indeed

Hello and allow me to introduce myself, as a new member of the Forums. I'm a Canadian, resident in Jakarta since 1988. This is the 50th anniversary of my motorcycling career, during which I've raced Grand Prix machinery at Riverside, Willow Springs, Vacaville, Suzuka, Sentul, the Ulster Grand Prix ... Read More »

My NNC odyssey: realizing the dream

Today marks a monumental day for me in terms of my love of bicycling. Flash back to 1980...I was 14 y.o., friends had gotten into cycling, I saved my money delivering papers and bought myself a pretty cool bike....one of those Japanese chrome-moly road bikes that were all the rage then, this one a ... Read More »

Any feedback for EverTi Odyssey or Ti-Fighter cross frames?

I've been looking to sell my ti/carbon road frame in order to build a cross bike (I'm a mountain biker at heart). I haven't been able to find many reviews on the frames, but I do know that EverTi outsources their frames to a company in Taiwan. Thanks for any help.Read More »

Odyssey of dedication

I have just finished a phone call with a riding buddy in So Cal. He had a strange ride today and the conversation weirded me out. I will start to say: You are all not worthy. A few years ago, there was a thread about dexterity on the bike. I remarked that I saw a woman, while having her period ... Read More »

Nature pics??? Trip home to the Farm...OEH and photogs...climb aboard. photo odyssey.

Well, haven't been home to the farm in several years. Fate has sorta conspired against me, and while my daughter has certainly seen my mom and dad several times, she has not been to the farm....until this last weekend. So, climb aboard, and come on a pictoral journey to one my homes as a child....an ... Read More »


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