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How to gracefully get off the front

If im leading a chase group with several riders behind me what is the right way to pull off and let someone else lead the chase (Im toast) so that we don't lose a lot of momentum. I know in a group ride you usually wiggle your elbow and pull off...but how do you do this in a race?Read More »

Roof Rack, the one with keeping the front wheel on, or the one with taking it off?

Guys, My new car (Audi A3) needs a roof rack. Going with Thule, but questioning whether to get the one that you need to remove the front wheel from your bike, or should I get the kind that you leave the front wheel on. I have a Cervelo, so the town tube is the aero type, if that makes a dif ... Read More »

off the front - how to recognize which breaks will work?

last week after my training crit i posted "blowin up" about my dying after making an effort to make a break and later bridge to a break. thanks for the responses all. i followed some of the advice during training this week, and will continue to. so this week i rode a fair bit smarter, getting ... Read More »

Can I take off the Front derailer and ride

without the chain comming off?? I am rebuilding an ol 80 Fuji Sagres into a commuter bike. It has 6 cogs on the back, and a double chainring up front. I want to know if I can take off the front derailer and the big chainring and still have the bike function? Thanks...Read More »





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