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Looking for Onza HO parts

I know these were mainly MTB pedals (I have some on my '96 Klein MTB)...but I don't want to join MTBR just to ask this question. Trying to finish my CX bike and have some old Onza HO pedals but I seem to have lost the retaining nut (pictured below) for one of them. I see that eBay is, as always, an ... Read More »

HEY! Who was that that wanted pics of my OnZa brakes?

Got the PM from the interested party and promptly moved and stashed the bin o parts that they live in... I've got some time and a camera now. PM me again and I'll getcha those pics I promised MRead More »

onZa HO cantilever brakes

I'm building up another cross frame and I was looking for some unique brakes. I don't think I'm ready to pay for Pauls' or Spookys, but I came across a NOS set of onZa HOs. Has anybody had any experience with these? The MTBers seem to be split on whether they're great and very easy to adjust or ... Read More »





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