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2012 Opera (by Pinarello)

Pinarello has another brand called Opera. The original intent was to design frames with alternate materials (not available thru their current tubeset provider). They originally teamed up with Easton tubing and were making some titanium carbon, and scandium carbon lugged bikes that were beautiful (lo ... Read More »

Sarah Palin/Michele Bachmann Rock Opera

[B]The entire comedic world is hoping for something like this.[/B] Read More »

Afternoon at the Opera.

Ah so many years ago today we were married. :yesnod: Good move! :thumbsup: So I ask Miss M, "What would you like to do today?" :confused: "Opera," she says. :yikes: Oh great....... :rolleyes5:Read More »

Opera canova worth?

Hi guys, new to these forums. I am looking for a new bike and I was offered a new 2008 opera canova with 08/09 sram force and open pro wheelset for $1700. I read online that the opera canova is the same as a Pinarello F4:13 so I was wondering if this bike is worth spending the $1700 on? I am a poor ... Read More »

question on the Opera

Some questions to those who are familiar with the Pinarello Opera, or maybe some of its aluminum cousins... I'm thinking about buying a new Opera frame... 1) any idea on headtube height for a 61cm? 2) I have a kind of brand-x, but decent, 3K carbon frame... one of the issues I don't like about ... Read More »





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