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Tektro Oryx 992 Adjustment, alignment and squeal (oh my!)

Hi All: I have a four-year-old Surly LHT that came with Tektro Oryx 992 cantilever brakes, Tektro R200 levers, and a Deore XT wheelset with Alex Adventurer 622x18 rims (700c) and 14-gauge spokes. I never liked the stock pads very much, but kept them on the bike for about 5,000 miles, before switchin ... Read More »

Oryx Bycycle Company

Does anyone know what happened to the Oryx Bicycle Company? I bought an Oryx 2300 Racing frame on Ebay and liked it. I have not been able to fine out much about this company except that they mostly built mountain bike and had started to branch out into road bikes. I tried dot comming their name a ... Read More »

Recommend replacement brake pads for Tektro Oryx

I have salmon Kool Stop pads on my Ultegra roadie and they are the best! Are there any similar pads made to fit the holders of the Tektro Oryx?Read More »

Radius Cantilever vs. Tektro Oryx

I'd like to get some opinions on these 2 brakes before I purchase 1 of them. Price is around the same . But which one is lighter and works better in wet muddy conditions? Does one squeek more than the other? Let me know what you think and THANK YOU in advanceRead More »

Tektro Oryx Cantilever Brakes

Does anyone use these: [url]http://rivendellbicycles.com/webalog/brakes/15098.html[/url] Are they any good? I'm looking for a canti that works, costs less than Paul's, and doesn't squeak like avids.Read More »





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