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Team Type 1 Still Leads RAAM; Team Type 2 Increases Pace

Crossing The Mississippi River – As Team Type 1 made short work of Kansas and Missouri to grow its lead to nearly four hours early Wednesday, Team Type 2 increased its average speed in the Race Across America (RAAM). Team Type 1 crossed the Mississippi River shortly before 8 a.m. EDT Wednesday, hav ...    Read More »

Team Type 1 On Record Pace In RAAM

Near Bloom, Kan. –The crackle over the megaphone broke the silence of an otherwise quiet morning Tuesday in western Kansas: "Nice job, buddy. You’re just going to fly right on through this town," said Team Type 1 Coach Nate Keck to rider Bob Schrank. Cruising at 28 mph on his Orbea Ordu time trial ...    Read More »

2009 Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage One Circuit Race Sets the Pace for a Weekend of Tough Competition

Redlands, Calif. — Spinning wheels battled howling winds as cyclists fought hard to the finish at Friday’s 2009 Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage One race in Beaumont, Calif. The race, presented by PossAbilities in partnership with CH&E Investments, featured world class athletes vying for a stage w ...    Read More »

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Single Pace line vs double

While I am NOT an experienced racing pro, I do ride in A groups. I believe that when in a double pace line you get a better drafting effect than in a single pace line. So here is my question. When I see the peliton strung out in a really long single pace line, Why don't the lead guys drop b ... Read More »

Coach me on how to ride a pace line.

Ok, so I'm comfortable drafting or riding with other cyclist what are the at close proximity, but what are the do's & don'ts of riding in a pace line? Thanks.Read More »

ride pace.

Why does everyone want to start rides so fast and then suck at the last half of the ride?Read More »

helmet mount for cygolite pace?

so right now, i am running a cygolite pace 200 as a headlight bar mounted. im getting my new bike soon, and i wanted to upgrade the bar light to a minewt 600 cordless. and then i plan to mount the cygolite pace to my helmet. the cygolite did not come with a helmet mount. but looking at their web ... Read More »

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