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Pake C'Mute

I currently am using the nashbar touring frame but I need to raise the bar up more, I have thought about using a different fork with a steel steerer but I would rather not use any more spacers, I am using 60mm of spacers and a 100mm 40 deg stem ( think it gives ~64mm of rise). I don't feel stable in ... Read More »

NOS New Old School Pake Commuter & Touring Bike

With a new job my bike commute went from an easy 4 in-town miles to a less-easy 14 miles out to a suburb. I wanted a commuter that would also serve duty in weekend touring pulling a trailer. I settled on a Pake C'muter, set-up old school style with downtube shifters (nice Dia Compe-style ratcheting ... Read More »

PAKE frames...Toe lap?

I heard the Soma Rush did from Dave.Read More »

Pake frame and Salsa fork?

I was looking at getting a Pake CrMo track frame (59cm) and was wondering how it would handle with a Salsa Casseroll fork (45mm rake). I know the Pake fork has rake of about 38mm, so im just wondering. Any help is appreciated, Thanks.Read More »

Frame Build - NYCBikes or Pake?

I am interested in building my first single speed/fixie and I am considering a NYCBikes or Pake. Both are around the same price and I would like a basic / simple frame. Any feedback to help with my decision would be much appreciated. Thanks,Read More »


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Commuter Bike

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Track Cranks 0
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Fixie Bike

Rum Runner 0
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$ 189.00

Track Bike

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