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The Angry Singlespeeder: The Swiss Army Knife of Bikes

If you could only have one bicycle, which one would it be? Is it a bike currently in your stable or is it another bike you envision but do not own yet?   Read More »

Team Garmin-Slipstream Introduces New Kit for 2009

Technology Innovations Continue to Help Garmin Athletes Break Away from the Pack Boulder, CO – Team Garmin-Slipstream, the top U.S. professional cycling team, today unveiled its 2009 team kits (image below). The new team kit highlights title sponsor Garmin's leadership role, while also bringing at ...    Read More »

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Louis Garneau Equipe vs Pear Izumi Elite Bibs?

I realize this is a highly "intimate" and personal thing, but I still wish to get some feedback regarding the Louis Garneau Equipe and Pearl Izumi Elite bib shorts. I will likely just have to try both, to ultimately judge. Any input, feedback, ideas or suggestions? How is the sizing between those ... Read More »

chicken fried prickly pear cactus pads

- the State Fair of Texas announces food winners for this year... [url=http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/dallas/State-Fair-of-Texas-announces--167892335.html]State Fair of Texas announces fried contest entries | wfaa.com Dallas - Fort Worth[/url] Chicken Fried Cactus Bites – Fairgoers will stick ... Read More »

Pear Trees

Dwarf Seckel to be exact. I'd like to plant one, but I keep seeing that they do better if you plant a pollinator. Would a flowering pear (no fruit) work?Read More »

Prickly Pear

WTF? Nigh on 20 years ago, my grandparents travelled to Arizona, and bringed us back a prickly pear cactus. Now, according to some stuff I've read, the prickly pear is native to Michigan, so it's a very good plant to bring back. But here's the kicker: The plant decided to really explode on us t ... Read More »

I just beat the crap out of a pear tree

We have a pear tree near our house....It produces hundreds of barely edible pears...the rodents however love them.... Every night at this time of year, the rodents all some out and have a big party in Dave's tree... Using a 10 foot pole, I just the living snot out of tree so all the pears would ... Read More »

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