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When Garmin Power Pedal will be on sale

Any ideal when is Garmin Power Pedal will be on sale. Look Keo Power Pedal is already 2 years old in the market.Read More »

Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter

[url=http://garmin.blogs.com/pr/2011/08/garmin-brings-power-to-the-people-with-vector-.html]Garmin | Newsroom | Press Releases[/url] disappointed with the 1499.00 price pointRead More »

Garmin acquires MetriGear pedal based power meter company

[url]http://garmin.blogs.com/my_weblog/2010/09/garmin-acquires-metrigear-adding-cycling-power-to-fitness-portfolio.html[/url] Metrigear goes from vaporware to likely product (and Look/Polar's worst nightmare).Read More »

Clipless pedal power.... is there a guide?

First..... I'm new to this forum. Second..... I've only been on a road bike for 6 months What is the proper cycle for pedaling with clipless pedals? Should I be pulling up on the up stroke? I've done countless searches on the web and cannot find an answer. I thought there might be info on th ... Read More »

Pedal Power. CBC documentary

Pedal Power. CBC documentary CBC's(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) the Doc Zone Investigates conflict between bikes and cars. Why can't the drivers of cars and bikes get along, as they do in the crowded cities of Europe? 45mins long. [URL="http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Shows/Doc_Zone/ID=1275907 ... Read More »





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