First Look: Pedro's unveils new Chain Checker, Chain Pig Cleaner and Burrito Tool Wrap

Pedro’s unveiled some new cleaners and tools (and tool organizers) at Frostbike that may be perfect for the cyclocross racer’s garage and race day pit setup.   Read More »

Pedro's Helps Zdenek Stybar Earn His Stripes

WILMINGTON, Mass. - Neither ice nor mud nor snow nor sand could prevent Zdenek Stybar ("Stenek Steebahr") from claiming the rainbow stripes of the world cyclocross champion this past Sunday in his native Czech Republic. Power and prowess mattered most from the ground up but surface textures that ran ...    Read More »

Pedro's Back in the Toolbox at Garmin-Transitions

WILMINGTON, Mass. - Today Pedro's announced its return to the UCI ProTour peloton as the supplier of tools and high-performance, environmentally-responsible lubricants, cleaners and degreasers to the Garmin-Transitions team. Pedro's has been a partner with parent company, Slipstream Sports, since it ...    Read More »

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Pedros GO!! it really delivers...

I'd like to give special kudos in this forum to a great product I just discovered: Pedros GO! clean chain lube for dry conditions........a truly clean, non-grimy, non blackening solution for road bike maniacs like myself who like their drive train clean and sharp looking, even after a century ride:D ... Read More »

Pedros Tutto

[url][/url] I have been trying to get one since they announced it at Interbike almost 2 years ago. Looks like they are finally available. Has anyone used one? It seems like a good tool as you can use it on 9,10, and 11 chains and is cheaper then the Campy toolRead More »

anyone using Pedros CHAINj lube?

How do you like it? Wondering if it can handle rainy Northwest commuting... [img][/img] [url][/url]Read More »

Pedros Ice Wax - use it or lose it?

Got a bottle of Pedros Ice Wax given to me. Do I put this stuff on my Ultegra drive train or no? Still running the factory only has about 750 miles on it and I still have a nice back up bike for wet days so she hasn't gotten wet yet.....I put some on the backup bike (Campy Chorus) and ... Read More »

pedros extra dry vs road rage

Has anyone compared? Which is better for dry conditions for the chain?Read More »

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