Pedros GO!! it really delivers...

I'd like to give special kudos in this forum to a great product I just discovered: Pedros GO! clean chain lube for dry conditions........a truly clean, non-grimy, non blackening solution for road bike maniacs like myself who like their drive train clean and sharp looking, even after a century ride:D ... Read More »

Pedros Tutto

[url][/url] I have been trying to get one since they announced it at Interbike almost 2 years ago. Looks like they are finally available. Has anyone used one? It seems like a good tool as you can use it on 9,10, and 11 chains and is cheaper then the Campy toolRead More »

anyone using Pedros CHAINj lube?

How do you like it? Wondering if it can handle rainy Northwest commuting... [img][/img] [url][/url]Read More »

Pedros Ice Wax - use it or lose it?

Got a bottle of Pedros Ice Wax given to me. Do I put this stuff on my Ultegra drive train or no? Still running the factory only has about 750 miles on it and I still have a nice back up bike for wet days so she hasn't gotten wet yet.....I put some on the backup bike (Campy Chorus) and ... Read More »

pedros extra dry vs road rage

Has anyone compared? Which is better for dry conditions for the chain?Read More »


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