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Pentax kx / Pentax DSLR owners push me off the edge...

So I've been thinking about a DSLR for a while and I really like Pentax. Loving the Kx. Seriously thinking about getting one. But I do have a couple questions- 1- it takes regular AA batteries- how long have they been lasting for you? Any experience with rechargables that work well? 2-they ... Read More »

Camera nerds and wannabes - there is a Pentax P&S on Woot

For $90.00 + $5 shipping. It's a Pentax P80. Not sure of anything about this particular camera, maybe someone has some insight. Might be a good deal... I'm too tired to research it atm, but you might not be, so here is the review of it at DP Review: [url]http://www.dpreview.com/news/0908/09080503pe ... Read More »


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