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phat,phuk permanent ban

I have permanently banned phat.phuk Almost all of his/her 22 posts were non-bike related and he/she started a religion thread that I believe was an attempt at trolling. I have let a few other suspected socks live because I could not prove it (e.g., Let'sRide) and they continue trolling. I am star ... Read More »

"PHAT" reviews

Looking to try the specialized phat gel bar pads. Anyone care to comment on your experiences with it? I heard from lbs that the bar tape starts or tries to move after riding a while.Read More »

Will these shorts make my butt look phat?

will the leopard print clash with the Lounge jersey? Hope so! :thumbsup: [URL="http://www.aerotechdesigns.com/wildprintspandex.htm"]Shopping Cart from Heaven[/URL] [IMG]http://www.aerotechdesigns.com/images/prints014.jpg[/IMG] // thanks to FatTireFred for the push over the edge :)Read More »

help with some bar phat (ok not exactly wrenching)

I've got a Specialized Roubaix, and the bar tape is going on it, and it's going to be my first time retaping it. The bar tape has started to what do you call, slip and is exposing naked bar. Right where underneath there should be some bar phat gel stuff that Specialized puts in to make the world ... Read More »

Hey phys, tmb, phat and terry

A guy here in Sweden is selling a lovely Colnago Master X-Light, 54 c-t Check it out. He's asking 10,000 SEK (about 1,500 USD) [url]http://www.przysuski.se/fusion/photogallery.php?album=22[/url] Enjoy! Cheers, WayneRead More »





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