Rivendell/ Campy/ Phil Wood/ PAUL mess.

I have a Rivendell AHH with Phil Wood track hubs, Campy Chorus 10-speed levers and Paul Racer brakes. Also running a Campy Chorus 53/39 (39 only) crank on a Phil Wood hub. It worked fine when I lived in the city, now I live on the outskirts of Atlanta and need gears. So I was wondering what the b ... Read More »

Phil Wood track crankset

I'm afraid to ask how much [url=http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/08/bikes-and-tech/eurobike-day-one-the-big-brands-can-wait_190644/attachment/phils-crank]Phil’s crank[/url]Read More »

Phil Wood's worth their price premium?

I am jonesing for a pair of Phil Wood road hubs for my next wheel build. As I look at the all of the other cartridge bearing hubs available, I wonder if paying almost $400 for a rear cassette hub is worth it. I know Phil's are the hallmark of quality, but are Formula, Velo Orange, WI, or Kings th ... Read More »

Phil Wood outboard bearings...spacers needed?

I have replaced my Shimano 6600 outboard bearings with Phil Wood external bearings. The BB shell is 68mm and did not have any spacers between the frame and 6600 cups. I have looked high and low for an online answer but can't seem to find out whether or not I need spacers for the PW cups. Will I j ... Read More »

Another PITA what's it worth thread: Phil Wood CHP pedals.

I've got a set of Phil Wood Chp pedals. I've seen them valued anywhere between astronomical and reasonable. Someone paid over $700 on ebay a while ago, someone also paid just over $30 a while ago, too. Any ideas on why anyone would pay $700 for these things? 'Cause to me, they look like $30 p ... Read More »


Phil Wood Product Categories

Bottom Brackets

Stainless Steel Bottom Bracket 4.79
10   Reviews
$ 99.00
Titanium Bottom Bracket 4
2   Reviews
$ 159.00
Titanium Magnum Bottom Bracket 5
1   Reviews
$ 249.00



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