Anyone use the Pika Packworks bike bag?

Have been using a Thule hard case for travel on the airlines..I have heard of people using this bag and telling the airline check in its a " tuba" or "musical instrument" and they can get by without the crazy Bike fees the airlines charge.. Anyone use one and get by with it? Figure it would be worth ... Read More »

Ordered a Pika Packworks travel bike bag

Lately I've been wanting a way to take a bike with me when I travel. I travel a few times a year for work, often to fairly interesting places like Albuquerque, Monterey, and, next year, Hawaii (!!). Plus my wife and I take adventure vacations once or twice a year. Renting a bike is okay, but I'd ... Read More »

Monterrey, MX Ride and Pika Packworks Review

This report will serve two purposes: A) to review the Pika Packworks travel bag I purchased and B) the trip to Monterrey, MX. I used it for. The first 6 photos are a series of photos as I unpacked the bike once I arrived at the Hotel (apologies but I did not photo the packing of the bike). In summ ... Read More »


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