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VERSUS on a Mission to Restore Cycling Back to its Pinnacle with Multi-Media "Take Back the Tour" Ad Campaign

Network Champions Riders Who Compete Clean and Serves as Voice for Fans Who Support Them with a Campaign that Takes a Stand on Current State of Cycling Stamford, CONN. —VERSUS, the exclusive cable television home of the Tour de France, is celebrating clean competition in one of the most intense and ...    Read More »

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Gear For The Endurance Junkie

Know someone who loves to log monster days, if not weeks, in the saddle? Then check out our Holiday Gift Guide for Endurance Junkies.    Read More »

Norco Tactic LTD Race and Threshold SL Cross Bikes

Take a close-up look at two high end carbon bikes from Norco. The Tactic LTD is a high modulus carbon frame with sleek lines, nice internal cable routing and looks to be light and stiff. The Threshold SL is their top of the line carbon cross bike equipped with the latest hydraulic disc brakes from ...    Read More »

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Pinnacle speakers: Customer service

For all you audiophiles out there - I have a set of AC - 850 Pinnacles that I've been really happy with. I'm driving them with a little 65 wpc Harmon Kardon integrated amp and since I am somewhat of a metalhead I blew one of the woofers a few years back. I replaced it an all was well. But then (r ... Read More »

Pinnacle Custom Shoes

As i promised, i am posting a few pictures om the all new custom cycling shoes i am building. FULL custom, the whole shoe is built around a cast/last of your feet. full neoprene one piece liner. Full carbon shell. I will post more specifics when i get a few better pictures so i can point ... Read More »

Have humans reached the pinnacle of invention and innovation?

I was reading through the posts on the "significant dates" thread, and it dawned on me that the day that electricity was first used in a controlled manner, and then the years of inventions that saddled off of that, may be the peak of human understanding. Will someone argue with me, humor me, as t ... Read More »

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