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Gear Review: Betabrand Bike to Work Britches

Is that a reflector in your pants or are you just happy to see me? See what our resident Angry Singlespeeder thinks of Betabrand’s new Bike to Work Britches.    Read More »

Review: DZR Tosca bike shoes

In the market for a stylish pair of commuter friendly high tops that can accommodate a two-bolt cycling cleat? Check out the DZR Tosca.   Read More »

Video: Top 10 cycling apps

The smartphone, so much more than a basic communication device — especially when it comes to cycling. Thanks to the wide world of apps, that handy little mini-computer in your jersey pocket can be used for all manner of tasks while out on the bike.   Read More »

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Lockdown - should I eat co-workers hot pocket?

I am on lockdown in Boston. Eateries are closed but i found a hot pcoket in the office freezer! I already ate 4 pieces of someone elses toast and used someone's butter and hummus. But I'm still hungry!!!! My wife says to stop being an idiot and eat the hot pocket. What do you think?Read More »

Any Lownjers have a handy Pocket Hose?

If so, how do you like it? [video=youtube_share;87sRVk1f7ik]http://youtu.be/87sRVk1f7ik[/video]Read More »

tips to fold rain jacket into its pocket?

I want it to be compact to fit my jersey pocketRead More »

Neat pocket camera tricks to shoot deep into the dark

Hi all, Learned some neat camera tricks to get the little pocket camera to dig deep into the dark. It has a night shoot mode - lets the shutter go long, Selected the max ISO of 1600, used the 2 second self timer mode to help prevent shake. I'm now amazed at how much it can see in the dark! Pictur ... Read More »

Camera in jersey pocket?

How do you guys keep a camera in your jersey pocket without ruining it? I'm worried about sweating all over it. I want to be able to gain access to it quickly while riding to shoot pictures etc. I had thought of putting a lanyard around it or something. What do you use? Thx!Read More »

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