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U All Need To Get On Your Knees And Kiss Polar Bottle's FEET!!!

... I'm old and a bit jaded, coming to expect craptacular support and service after the sale so when my ancient (at least 10 years, prolly more) Polar lid broke, I figured there was no chance of a replacement part being available and indeed, tried a fix (used silicone glue to affix threads from a di ... Read More »

Insulated Polar Bottle Sale

There is a Memorial Day sale at Polar Bottle which includes a couple of limited edition stars and bars water bottles. Good sale prices and free shipping if you buy 4 or more. Click on the Memorial Day bottles link. [url=http://www.polarbottle.com/products-page/limited-edition/]Polar Bottle | ... Read More »

How to remove valve on Sim (Polar Bottle)

I recently bought 2 SIMS insulated water bottles (basically polar bottles), but for the life of me I can;t figure out how to remove the valves. I've read online that you line up the dots and pull up, but I can;t turn the valve far enough to line them up. Seems like it stops on something. Is there ... Read More »

Polar Bottle or Zefal Isotherm: Which one keeps liquids colder?

Hi. It's getting really hot in my area, and I would like to know which water bottle keeps liquids colder, the Polar or the Zefal Isotherm. Is there a clear winner?Read More »


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