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S-Works vs Cannondale SISL2 & Praxis rings

I'm down to two BB30/PF30/OSBB cranksets. The S-Works with Praxis Ring, Cannondale SISL2 OPI Spider ring or Cannondale SISL2 with 110 spider Praxis rings. Availability SISL2 Mid Feb, S-Works March. The S-Works specs are impressive and specs. Plus specialized sells a quarq spider. [url=http://www. ... Read More »

Praxis Works Chain Rings

I have two Colnago's (C59 and a C50) which are constantly being modified with lighter and lighter parts. I spend alot of time over at Weight Weenies and have alot of interest in light bikes. I recently bought a set of Praxis Works front chain rings in std 53/39 configuration. All I can say is tha ... Read More »


Praxis Works Product Categories

Bottom Brackets

BB30 Conversion BB 5
5   Reviews
$ 85.00
Standard BB System 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00


Classic Standard Road 5
4   Reviews
$ 170.00
Compact Road 5
8   Reviews
$ 160.00
Cylco-Cross 0
0   Reviews
$ 160.00




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