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Interesting that Specialized Prevail and Evade are at same price point

I thought it was interesting that the Specialized Prevail and the new aero style Evade are both priced at $249. Huh. You'd think the prevail would be "one down" from this technological wunder-marvel. Also I can't find the weight of the Evade anywhere. Ya 'spose it weights more than the Prevail? L ... Read More »

Price Point

Is there a way to get extra 10% at PricePoint? Any coupon codes? Thanks.Read More »

Price Point (Sette) carbon frameset.

Knew this was coming down the pipe. Looks very familiar, anybody seen this one before with someone elses logo? [url]http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/20967-180_SETC10-278-Frames--/Sette-CX-1-Cyclecross-Frameset.htm[/url]Read More »

Price Point Free Shipping

If you subscribe to the PricePoint e-mails, they have free shipping until 10/30.Read More »

Giro Atmos Price Point

Not doorbuster pricing by any means, but still the cheapest i've found including ebay. [url]http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/17239-215_GIRAT8-1-Clothing-863-Helmets/Giro-Atmos-Road-Helmet-2009.htm[/url]Read More »


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