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Elite Fluid Primo Trainer Pro Review

The Elite Fluid Primo is a US only trainer that utilizes a fluid resistance unit with the company’s Elastogel 45mm diameter roller in their CRONO frame. They tout it as the smoothest, quietest and easiest to use trainer ever built. So I put it to the test. The preliminary impression of the unit i ...    Read More »

How To: Gravel Grinding - Taming the Road Less Paved

You pass that fire road every day, wishing you had a cyclocross bike on which to ride it. But you don’t need a new rig to get off the beaten path–the one you’ve got will do just fine along with a little practice and our handy tips on navigating the dirt on skinny tires.    Read More »

Indoor Bicycle Trainer Buyers Guide

Winter has arrived and for most of us, that means the small amount of time we had in the early evening to squeeze in a ride has vanished. Not only is it darker earlier, but winter storms, rain, snow, and sleet will keep a lot of us off the roads this winter. Cyclists are then faced with two options. ...    Read More »

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Fox News: Chevy Volt is the primo anti-terrorist car

Amazing how haters can do a 180º turn and turn into gushy lovers of something as virtuous as the Volt. Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com I don't have numbers, just intuition - but I predict Volt sales in March are going to be their best month to date, and GM will be forced to restart ... Read More »

Sette Bikes http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/20965-018_SETPT0-277-Bikes--/Sette-Primo

Looking to purchase a new bike, my budget is between 800-1000 but found this bike online and am wondering if anyone can share information or an opinion on it Sette Primo 2.0 CarbonBikeRead More »

Sette Bikes http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/20965-018_SETPT0-277-Bikes--/Sette-Primo

Can anyone give me more information or an opinion on the following bike Sette Primo 1.0 Carbon Road bike I am looking to buy a road bike after two years being away from the sport and cant find many reviews of the bike online.Read More »

Primo Bud Appreciation Thread

[url]http://maryjanecannabian.blogspot.com/2011/03/news-flash-people-like-primo-bud.html[/url] [IMG]http://www.drogy.net/images/articles/cannabis-tough-penalties-on-way-after-another-change-of-mind_2008_04_07.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

Sette Primo 1.0 Carbon?

Searched the forums for reviews of the new Sette road bikes. I know that in general companies like Sette leave a bitter taste in some people's mouths. However, this bike looks great, and the deal can't be beat. Any one have a Primo or Forza?Read More »

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