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31.4mm seatpost and problem solvers

Some of the older Bianchis take a 31.4mm seatpost. I can't seem to find such a thing online from any of the many vendor's I've looked at. Has anyone used a problem solvers seatpost shim to adapt a 31.4 frame to a 27.x post? Could you see the shim from the outside? Any concern that the seatpost w ... Read More »

Problem Solvers

Does anyone have a website address for Problem Solvers? Thx in advance.Read More »


Problem Solvers Product Categories


Headset Topcap 0
0   Reviews
$ 7.00
Headtube Reducer 0
0   Reviews
$ 20.99
Headtube Reducers 0
0   Reviews
$ 40.00
Locking Headset Spacer 0
0   Reviews
$ 9.00
Micro ADJ Headset Spacer 0
0   Reviews
$ 20.00




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