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cannondale adventure 4 promax 896 seat post

I took the seat off of my 2008 cannondale adventure 4 and learned that it has a promax 896 seat post ([url]http://www.promax.com.tw/style/content/CN-13-1c/product_detail.asp?lang=2&customer_id=2004&name_id=79329&rid=39019&id=237561)[/url]. I screwed up when I twisted the black cylinder at the top o ... Read More »

Promax 85mm mini-V, need replacement

I have a Schwinn Super Sport flat-bar road bike. After 1600 miles, the brakes feel mushy. Probably housing/cables need to be replaced. It comes with Promax 85mm mini-V (V brake). So, I had this idea to replace the brakes with Avid SD7 (100mm, $19 per). One problem..they don't fit!! Or, can I ... Read More »

ProMax Brakes

Are they total junk? They came stock on my Trek 800 sport bike.. I find that they always need some sore of adjustment...Read More »

Upgrade my Promax Dual Calipers

I have an 06 Devinci Podium - 105 shifters/derailleurs but with the generic Promax dual calipers. I want to improve the braking. I am looking for a better brake and I will use Kool stop pads. Any recommendations? I also want black components to match the rest of the bike. I have seen Tektro RX-40 a ... Read More »

Promax Bar Opinions?

Sorry this is in the wrong section Anyways I am in the process of finding my regular energy/protein bar for longer rides and I have enjoyed Clif Bars so far i various flavors. So I wanted to ask this crowd if anyone has some real experience with Promax Bars ([url]http://www.promaxnutrition.net/[ ... Read More »


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