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Quando hub dust cap spin

I am trying to track down a rubbing sound that may be coming from the rear wheel. With a Quando rear hub, does anyone know if the NDS dust cap is supposed to spin with the hub or not? It doesn't currently.Read More »

Inside of a Quando hub?

I guess I'm having a cheap wheels theme lately... I built the rear wheel on my commuter on an inexpensive Quando threaded hub several months ago. I gave the axle a turn when I changed a flat the other day, and it felt pretty bad. A little gritty, and a lot of resistance. If it was a cup and co ... Read More »

What 20T freewheel brands fit a Quando hub?

I'm a road biker new to single speed wondering what brand freewheels will fit my Quando flip flop:confused: hub--Shimano, SRAM, Sunrace and/or Sunlite? I found a new 20T Sunlite freewheel online for 10$. Sounds like a deal to me!? Thoughts?Read More »





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