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50 vs 48 outer compact C/R

Trying to decide between these two. Would there be a noticeable difference in power going from a 50 to a 48?Read More »

Anyone here spend much time with the Cobl Gobl-R seat post?

I'm highly intrigued by this seat post. Illinois roads (like many roads) can seriously suck at times and while I love my Tarmac and have no plans to buy a more "flexy" bike and the moment...a bit more absorbtion in the rear would be nice. I've been looking at this seat post for some time now and ... Read More »

R.I.P.: Helen Thomas

Though I disagreed with her views in her columns, she made me think. It could be said her columns is partially responsible for me being the conservative that I am today. Her columns were very thought-provoking. R.I.P. Helen :( [URL="http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2013/07/20/Washingtons-venerable ... Read More »


Saw it tonight ... it was OK ... best to save your money for Netflix though. Overall, it had some funny parts, but it was a little over the top in many aspects ... and they have "Fat Bastard" in it, not sure exactly how that happened, but he's there (just not named that in this movie). Basically ... Read More »

Mavic R-SYS or Giant P-SLR1

So these are the options I have in front of me. I was after the Mavic wheels at first, but my local shop I go to is trying to push me towards the Giant wheel (my bike is a Giant TCR) saying they are just as good and around $300 cheaper. Reviews for the Mavic wheel are solid, but the reviews on th ... Read More »





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