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Greg LeMond exhibition opens at Rapha Cycle Club NYC

High-end cycling apparel maker Rapha celebrates US bike racing pioneer and three-time Tour de France Champion Greg LeMond in a special exhibition at their Rapha Cycle Club NYC retail store.    Read More »

Rapha Road Race Mesh Skinsuit (for Team Sky Only)

The crew from Team Sky are getting a new uniform option that’s specifically designed to beat the heat.    Read More »

Gear of the Day: Rapha Arm Screens

At first we were skeptical about the usefulness of Rapha's Arm Screens. But one ride in blast-furnace conditions in western Colorado changed our mind. Find our why.   Read More »

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Rapha Tshirts

Anyone know of anyone who has stock of the sold out Tshirts at rapha? Specifically the ronde, roubaix or giro ones? A mate wants to buy one for a present, in Large, but can't find anyone with stock... Links included below... Cheers Harry [url]http://www.rapha.cc/team-sky-de-ronde-t-shirt/?locale ... Read More »

Rapha jersey gurus....help.

Calling all Rapha clothing "experts". As I know, there are many different versions of the Rapha Condor jersey out there. I know what the 2013 jerseys look like, but that's it. So a few questions: 1. Some have Sharp logo on them, and others don't. 2. Some have the inside drawstring, others don't. ... Read More »

Rapha Team Sky Spray Jacket $135

Got this in todays e-mail from Rapha. Very inexpensive for a Rapha item of any kind. The Team Sky Spray Jacket is the perfect spring outer layer for roadside supporters cheering on the world’s leading cycling team. Made from a water-resistant fabric and designed to be worn off the bike, features ... Read More »

Rapha Discount Codes Anyone?

Anyone happen to have any discount codes for Rapha?Read More »

Rapha...excuse me while I eat some crow

Months ago in the Pro forum I mocked Rapha and criticised Sky for dumping Adidas and going with Rapha. Cut to Sunday, bored at work, and playing on the computer. Went to the Team Sky site, then the Rapha Sky store. Not much cycling gear is available yet so I bought a polo and a t shirt, out of c ... Read More »

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Rapha Product Categories

Base Layer

Merino 0
0   Reviews
$ 128.00


Wind Women's Jacket 0
0   Reviews
$ 262.96


Classic Softshell 4.29
7   Reviews
$ 375.00
Rain 0
0   Reviews
$ 289.21
Wind 0
0   Reviews
$ 262.96
Wind Women's 0
0   Reviews
$ 262.96


Classic Jersey with Arm Warmers 5
1   Reviews
$ 195.00
Classic Sportwool Women's 0
0   Reviews
$ 214.21
Club 0
0   Reviews
$ 187.96
Country 0
0   Reviews
$ 195.46
Cross Jersey 0
0   Reviews
$ 210.00
Gilet 0
0   Reviews
$ 191.75
Long Sleeve 3
3   Reviews
$ 210.00
Winter Jersey 0
0   Reviews
$ 230.00

Shoe Covers

OverSocks 0
0   Reviews
$ 92.98


Team Sky Women’s Bib 0
0   Reviews
$ 220.00




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