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First Look: VeloVie Vitesse 500 with SRAM Red 22

Can a direct-to-consumer, web-based bike company deliver a high-quality racing rig for less? VeloVie thinks they can. We ride the Vitesse 500 to find out.    Read More »

Ridley X-Night To Be Spec’d with Hydraulic Disc SRAM Red

Top Belgian bike maker to offer its top line cyclocross machine with SRAM’s brand new Red 22 Hydraulic Road Disc set-up. See the full spec and lots of photos.   Read More »

Review: 2012 SRAM Red Groupset

The lightest & quietest mechanical groupset available today SRAM Red makes a strong argument to ditch any thoughts you had of going electronic.   Read More »

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SRAM Red RD axial play in P knuckle.

So...I noticed about 1.5 mm axial play in the P knuckle of my 2011 Red RD. I disassembled it and found that the screw/pin that retains the shaft is worn about 1/2 way through. This can be seen in the pic bellow. Also the shaft flange that rests on the pin is worn nearly 1/2 way through. About 13 ... Read More »

Sram Red 11 speed yaw front derailleur

Just wondering what the difference is between the 10 and 11 speed yaw front derailleur? I'm sure the cage is narrower on the 11 speed. I wanted to order the 10 speed but the supplier I deal with only has the 11 speed in stock. 10 speed won't be in stock until later in the month. Would the 11 spee ... Read More »

FFWD Red Wheel-set for sale (700c) Tubular Shimano

Message me if interested. Location- Naples, FLRead More »

Does the 2013 Force shifter have the same guts as Red Black shifters?

I know they are advertising the 2013 Force levers with having the zero-loss on both left and right shifters like the older Red, but do they still have the old Force internals or upgraded Red internals? Anybody look inside one yet?Read More »

RED Crank Serial Number?

Looking for a serial number on my RED Crankset, all I can find is a date code from March 2012 Anyone know where to find it if it exists? Thank you for the help.Read More »

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