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Ride Report: (Taint) Hammer of the Gods

In California’s San Joaquin Valley farmland, SuperPro racing promoter Murphy Mack makes the rain stop falling just long enough for 80 racers to fight wind, mud and broken pavement over 128 miles.    Read More »

Video: A remarkable ride through the Rockies

16,000 feet of climbing. 230 miles. 15 hours on the bike. Four grueling passes. Two crossings of the Continental Divide. One amazing journey.   Read More »

How To: Ride sand or any loose surface (video)

Sand sections are one of the biggest challenges in cyclo-cross, requiring a deft mix of power, finesse and a little bit of luck. And while you may not encounter beach-like conditions on every ride or race, the skills required to ride sand are transferable to nearly any loose surface conditions.   Read More »

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Change Frames, or Ride it Out?

Hi All, First time poster, long time reader. After a rough 6 months at work, I've gained a few pounds (read 25)., and before today hadn't been on my bike this year. Felt great to get back on, but, as to be expected, felt like I was pulling a Volkswagen. I've only owned one road bike, which I bou ... Read More »

Ride vs. Drive

This is a misleading title for this thread. I just wanted to put out that disclaimer. How many of you have more invested in your ride than in what you drive. I think pics are necessary here. I don't even have a high end bike and I qualify for this. The two are below. [ATTACH=CONFIG]285141[ ... Read More »

Heading to St. Clair/Port Huron area, good spot to ride?

Coming up tomorrow from WV. Staying until Sunday. I'd like to sneak in a ride or two. Not familiar with the area at all. Anyone in the area able to recommend a 20ish mile loop or stretch to ride? Also, any shops in the area worth checking out?Read More »

Anybody Ride Woodstock?

Heading up there for a few days. Any ride suggestions would be appreciated!Read More »

Nutrition during a ride

I've been on the Gatorade bandwagon for many years, mainly because that's what I grew up drinking during soccer games. As I've done more races I've noticed that there is so much more options. I've tried Heed, Hammer Strength stuff before and enjoyed them. Any good suggestions on what I should tr ... Read More »

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