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Hollywood, Mapei and other hipsters: beware the roach coach.

[url=http://laist.com/2011/10/23/wild_night_machete-wielding_man_att.php]Machete-Wielding Man Attacked Diner Outside Taco Truck, Dragged Him On Board and Commandeered the Truck Before Police Shot Him: LAist[/url]Read More »

Roach extermination

I very seldom get cockroaches in my apartment as I'm up on the 5th floor. But one showed up last night just before bedtime and there's no way I'm sleeping with that critter smooching around. I'm a firm believer in justice swift and sure when it comes to roaches-I just whap 'em upside the head with a ... Read More »

God's roach clip

My wife works at a church. She often gets samples of religious kitch. Some is diabetes-inducing saccharine, some is just awful, some is disturbing, and then there's this.....Read More »

Who knows/seen/heard of Gass Roach carbon stems?

No reviews here, not really any Google hits. Any experience from the board? Something like this: [url]http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7134989194&ssPageName=MERC_VI_RSCC_Pr4_PcN__Stores[/url]Read More »





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