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Kurt Kinetic: Road Machine vs Rock n Roll

I was lucky to "want" a trainer when I received a snailmail discount % + a store discount % + REI dividends return at the same time. But do I get Road Machine or RnR? Is the side to side movement really needed or is it just hype and uphill training effect? Im a big guy and getting on the traine ... Read More »

rock n roll absolute dry

has anyone tried this? or their grease? can you describe your experience, the oil/greaseRead More »

Problem with Kinetic Rock n Roll Trainer

I just picked up a Kinetic Rock n Roll and I have a bit of trouble with it. The unit creaks and groans as I rock the bike, it seems to be coming from the skewer clamp interface. It's really disconcerting. Has anyone else had the problem? How did you fix it? Thanks!Read More »

Do you like the Civil War? Do you like the Rock n' Roll?

Titus Andronicus. \Hated it. \\Overrated. \\\\Predictable. \\\\\Meh.Read More »





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