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Scott Launches Solace Endurance Bike, Revamps Addict

The 2014 product launch season rolled on this week with Swiss-based Scott Bikes unveiling a host of new mountain and road steeds, plus updated apparel. Here's a detailed inside look at the two new road bikes — one super light, one super comfy.   Read More »

Whisky Parts Co 15QR Carbon forks and Carbon Wheels for 2013

Ben from Whisky Parts Co shows us some new 2013 carbon forks and carbon wheels. The forks use a brand new QR15 axle (taken from mountain bike technology) designed and produced in a partnership with SRAM for increased stiffness to run road disc brakes. The Whisky No.9 road and cross thru-axl ...    Read More »

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rockshox ruby?

a local forum has one up for sale or trade. the seller's description says it's basically a dumbed-down version of the same fork that won paris-roubaix. does anybody have experience with a suspension fork like the ruby? provided my bike has the same size steerer, i might just inquire about it.Read More »

Rockshox -> Carbon fork conversion to save 2.4 pounds

I have a 1995 Trek 930FS. The original Rockshox Quadra elastomer shocks are getting too soft. Two cranks on the adjuster and they are still soft. I am considering putting on a carbon fork to save weight. Most the riding I do with this bike is unpaved roads. I quit the stump-jumping and trauma ... Read More »

Where's the best deal on a Rockshox Revelation or Fox 07 Talas ?

The best Revelation price I can find is on Ebay. The u-turn model is $469. The 07 Talas X is around $875.Read More »

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