Experience with Colorado Brevet Series (Rocky Mountain Cycling Club)?

I'm thinking about trying some of these our next spring and am curious if anyone has done these or has any thoughts. [url=http://www.rmccrides.com/brevets.htm]Colorado Brevets[/url]Read More »

A ride in Rocky Mountain National Park

A friend & I have been doing a lot of 'prep' rides this summer in anticipation of the Copper Triangle Parkinson's charity ride (held the 1st Saturday of August every year). As it turned out, we did [B][I]so many[/I][/B] prep rides that the CT felt just a little too easy & definitely too early to end ... Read More »

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

The family and I just returned from a much needed vacation in Colorado. My wife's relatives have a house in Cherry Creek and a house in Estes Park, so we had a quasi family reunion during which we spent 2 days in Denver and 5 days in Estes Park with about 15 people. It had been a while since I've sp ... Read More »

Felt F85 or Rocky Mountain Prestige 10 Carbon frame

What do you all think? I can get a F85 Felt 2011 for $869 or can get a rocky mountain prestige 10 cr with carbon frame and all tiagra components for $1100. Anyone ever have any experience with either of these bikes. The Prestige seems too good of a deal for a carbon frame. Any one with exper ... Read More »

Rocky Mountain Bicycles cross recall.

[url]http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/03/bikes-and-tech/rocky-mountain-recalls-some-cyclocross-models-because-of-potential-fork-problem_163295[/url] Just in case anyone rides a Rocky.Read More »


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