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Rohloff Shifters with Drop Bars

I'm sure this has been discussed somewhat before, but I thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone has any new ideas for using a Rohloff internally geared hub with drop bars. I found a link that has listed just about every conceivable way to mount a shifter with drop bars that at least I ... Read More »

Rohloff shifter on a drop bar...sandpaper?

I'm looking to mount a Rohloff shifter (for their internal gear speedhub) on some Salsa Moto Ace Woodchippers. Being of the standard road bar diamater (or smaller according to my measurement) they appear to have a 23mm diameter and I need something like 22.2 to fit the Rohloff. Is it possible to ... Read More »

Rohloff for cross?

Seems like chains are the number one mechanical problem for cyclocross, before even tire problems. For example, Trebon and Bessette each had chain problems this weekend: [url]http://www.cyclingnews.com/cross.php?id=cross/2007/oct07/southampton071[/url] Why not use a Rohloff internal gear hub? ... Read More »

Rohloff on a CX practical?

The benefits of a Rohloff are obvious (reliable, perfect shifts, made for the worst conditions) and of course it weighs about 0.5 lbs. more than all the components it replaces. So why doesn't everybody use a Rohloff? Does anybody know of anyone running Rohloff Speedhub on the CX circuit? Is it be ... Read More »

Nexus, Rohloff, CVT for drop bars?

Just planning to build a commuter from old CX parts. I'd like to close off the transmission with a Nexus or similar hub. But, I want to run drop bars. Do any of these systems come with a bar-end shifter? Everything I remember seeing uses a flat-bar trigger. Appreciated.Read More »


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