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Actual email address for ROL Wheels?

I sent them an email about a week and a half ago through the Contact Us link and haven't heard anything as of yet. I was wondering if someone out there had a real email address? Thanks Brandon Chive OnRead More »

Anyone experienced the new 2013 Rol wheels?? The Volant or SL?

Hi..looking for some input or experiences on the new 2013 Rol Volants or SL? How are the Hubs? I believe the new rims are the wider Kinlins. ThanksRead More »

ROL C25R Clincher wheels?

I'm looking for some low profile carbon wheels and came across these Rol C25R Clinchers? Anyone has experience with these? They are quite a bit cheaper than the Campagnolo Hyperion Ultra two, but then again a little bit more expensive than the Hyperion One's. Are these wheels worth it, or should ... Read More »

Anyone have experience with ROL "Race SLR" wheels?

I have a Specialized Roubiax Comp. I'm 220 lbs. I'd like to get a lighter, more Aero set of wheels, and would like to stay under about $750.00. the bike currently has Bontrager "Classic" 32 spoke wheels on it. I've been looking at ROL Race SLR, or Fulcrum 3 so far. I'd like to hear experiences, or r ... Read More »

Rol Wheels

Is there any reason why Rol Wheels get very little mention in this forum? When I read through the reviews, it seems that they are well loved, and the prices for the various wheelsets seems pretty reasonable to me, but all I read about in here are Mavic, Shimano, Zipp, a couple other name brands, an ... Read More »


ROL Wheels Product Categories

wheelsets - clincher

C25R 0
0   Reviews
$ 2450.00
C45R 0
0   Reviews
$ 2450.00
D`Huez 4.86
49   Reviews
$ 775.00
M45 0
0   Reviews
$ 1350.00
Matirx 58 5
1   Reviews
$ 1550.00
Matrix 38 5
3   Reviews
$ 1550.00
Race SL 4.94
69   Reviews
$ 675.00
Race SLR 4.88
25   Reviews
$ 700.00
Volant 4.84
68   Reviews
$ 500.00
Volant R/T 4.8
10   Reviews
$ 525.00

wheelsets - tubular

C50 0
0   Reviews
$ 1350.00
Carbon 38 5
1   Reviews
$ 1550.00
Carbon 58 5
1   Reviews
$ 1550.00
CX25 0
0   Reviews
$ 575.00




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