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Rolf Prima Elan Alpha?

Considering RP Elan Alphas as my next wheel set. Also considering a number of other similar weight-class wheels like the Zen Cyclery Anna Purna [url=http://www.zencyclery.com/road-wheels/anna-purna-custom-wheelset.html]Anna Purna Custom Bicycle Wheels[/url] Have concerns about the Stan's 340 rims ... Read More »

Bontrager RXL vs Rolf Prima Elan.

Hi guys. I need a new wheelset for my Domane 4.5 What I have my mind set on is to upgrade from Bontrager RL to RXL at my LBS or get a Rolf Prima Elan. I weigh 200 lbs and ride mixed hills and flats and will be using a 25mm tire for that bike. What do you guys recon ?Read More »

Cheapest place to buy Rolf Prima wheels?

I'm looking at getting a set of Rolf Prima wheels, but like most people I want to get them as cheap as possible. But after doing some searches, I can only find online vendors listing Rolf wheels at list price with no sales or discounts.Read More »

Any exerience with Rolf Prima Vigor wheels?

I am looking to upgrade to more aerodynamic aluminum wheels to race at my local crit, does anyone have any experience with these while racing?Read More »

rolf prima pro

Just wondering if anyone has ridden these road wheels and what are thier thoughts? ThanksRead More »


Rolf Prima Product Categories

wheelsets - clincher

Apex 4
3   Reviews
$ 600.00
Dauphine 0
0   Reviews
$ 999.00
Echelon 4.33
3   Reviews
$ 0.00
Elan RS 5
2   Reviews
$ 979.00
Sestriere 4.02
55   Reviews
$ 799.00
Vector Pro 4.21
95   Reviews
$ 200.00
Vigor 4.14
22   Reviews
$ 1048.99

wheelsets - tubular

Carbon TdF38 5
4   Reviews
$ 0.00




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