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SaddleCo Flow seat

No longer in production. No longer in any stores (didn't sell that well anyway). ...the only seat I've ever truly loved riding. [url]http://www.saddleco.com/flowmain.html[/url] Anyone care to help a guy find this thing? My old one has been broken for about a year now, and I keep riding ... Read More »

saddleco, alias, or avatar

Greetings, I am looking for input on these saddles. My Roubaix Elite has a cinderblock seat currently and I need better. The reviews were very limited on the Alias as I would like to hear "real world" experiences with all the above. My rides consist of 12-20 with a few 40 milers thrown in. ... Read More »

Newbie Qn pls help: Saddleco Flow rail width problem??

Hi guys, im pretty much a newbie and i bought a saddleco flow, to my dismay i found the width of its rails is slightly less than my other selle italia seat! so when i mount it, the grooves don't line up.. i didnt even noe there were different rail widths... what gives? do i need a new seat pos ... Read More »

Anyone tried the SaddleCo Flow???

I am intrigued by the new SaddleCo Flow. Has anyone tried it? It seems like a modern twist on the Brooks idea.Read More »

anyone try saddleco flow yet?

been out for a while, just wondering who's ridden in. Hm.. don't like this new forum software much.Read More »





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